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PPC Marketing Services

PPC Marketing Services

Digital Advertising helps to expand your territory, reach out to your potential customers and broadcast your ads across the globe. With AdWords, it’s all possible now. You just need to optimize your AdWords according to your needs by SatyamSri, best PPC company in India. We are one of the best google adwords company in India as our services align with every budget and enterprise requirement.

PPC advertising is a marketing technique where the companies pay a publisher such as a website owner or search engine each time someone clicks/views their ads on a website, search result or social media platforms. Paid Ads can be targeted to niche searches based on the preferred age, gender, geography and more with search ads. It’s a magnificent way to compete in your industry and target preferred audiences.

PPC Services:

Display advertising is a method to grow your brand’s awareness online and are targeted based on user activity. Display Ads are shown to the target audience when they browse the Internet.
Video advertising involves an online display of promotional videos. It is referred to the ads that occur after, during and/or before a video stream on the internet. It gains brand trust.
Search advertising is a method of optimising Ads for targeted keywords for online advertisements on web pages that show results from search engine queries. (SERPs)
App advertising is an effective monetization strategy for mobile publishers, in which advertisement appear within the mobile app.

Why Satyamsri?

A right SEO partner targets relevant customers for its customers. Satyamsri provides the best SEO services in India. We guarantee a high level of expertise and diverse SEO services. We are one of the Best SEO company in India to provide affordable SEO Services including SEO audit reports, Best Content Writing Services, Definite Results, Expanded Customer Base, Access to all top SEO tools along with Monthly Reports including ranking changes and all trends.

Benefits of working with us:

  • SEO expertise and capacity to handle diverse SEO scenarios
  • Customized Digital Marketing solutions backed by solid processes
  • Real-time strategies to contend changing Search Engine algorithms

Benefits of PPC:

  • Instant Traffic: Customising the Ads will put the website on top, increasing the clicks and thus increasing the traffic
  • Strong ROI: You choose when and where your ads will appear based on targeted keywords, age and other attributes. This flexibility will ensure that only the right people land on your website and you will not be charged unless the visitor is interested (reliable lead generation).
  • Test the profitability of different keywords: Observe your views, the average number of clicks, overall ad performance, costs, expense and profits. Based on the analysis, you can alter your Ads to generate more qualified leads and reduce expenses.
  • Limited daily budget: You can set a daily budget for the Ads and decide how much you want to spend per click or per day.
  • Increase brand awareness:Your ads will appear on the SERP when people search your keywords, establishing you in your industry increasing the brand awareness.
  • Boost campaigns:You wish to have a new product, campaign or flash sale? You can create specific ads for that.
  • Retargeting:With Adwords, you can target the users who have already visited your page. Past visitors are familiar with your brand, and the Ads will tempt them to come back for more.
  • Split-test various messages and offers:With A/B testing, you can constantly test content variables based on the goal of your ads.