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Email Campaign Marketing

Email Campaign Marketing

Emails help to enhance the relationship of a salesman with its current previous or potential customers and to promote customer loyalty and Email Marketing is directly marketing an advertisement or message to people using electronic mail. Every email that is sent to a current or potential customer is considered email marketing. Email Marketing is done to send announcements, request for business, or solicit sales or donations and is one of the best means to build trust, loyalty and create brand awareness.

Email Marketing benefits us to build a relationship between the merchant and its customers with the help of an email database. It is useful in engaging both cold lists and current customers and is also beneficial for acquiring new customers. SatyamSri, being one of the best email marketing company in Bangalore, Inda provides comprehensive Email services. We make sure that our Email Marketing Strategies are SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Email Marketing Campaigns

SatyamSri provides the best Email Marketing services in Bangalore, India. We categorise marketing emails to Engagement Emails and Transactional Emails. Engagement Emails are mostly about storytelling, whereas transactional emails are directly related to making a sale or closing a sale. Our Email Campaign Marketing Services include:

Drip Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

We provide comprehensive email drip campaign marketing strategies that are important for building relationships with current customers, leads, potential customers and even past customers as it gives a chance to speak directly at a time that is convenient for them.

Engagement Emails:

The aim of these Emails is mainly for storytelling and branding than directly making a sales pitch. The purpose is to keep subscribers interested and engaged with the brand. Types of Engagement Emails that is generally practised are:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Tutorials and Tips Emails
  • Customer Stories
  • Brand Stories
  • Newsletters
  • Re-engagement Emails

Transactional Emails:

These emails are related to transactions your subscribers have had with your business. The objective of transactional emails is to initiate or close on a sale. Types of Transactional Emails that are recommended are:

  • Cart Abandonment Reminders
  • Time-Sensitive Promotions
  • Receipts Emails
  • Sales Follow-ups
  • Review Requests

Other Email Marketing Services:

  • Email content writing
  • Strategizing & planning for sustained communication
  • Design skills
  • eMailer management
  • Tracking

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Global reach: An Email allows you to find new markets and start to trade globally for a small investment.
  • Lower cost: With good Email Drip marketing strategies you can reach the right customers at much lesser costs than traditional marketing practices.
  • Measurable results: Online analytical tools make it easier to determine how effective the Email campaign has been. You can get detailed information about how customers respond to your advertising.
  • Personalisation: You can personalise emails for your customers which will help to build trust in the brand.
  • Build Customer Relationship:Direct personalised emails helps in enhancing the relationship between your brand and the customers.
  • Improved conversion rates:Attractive and engaging emails assure growth in the conversion rates.