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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is quick, easy and most reliable way to communicate with your customers. SMS blasting allows you to reach a group of people all at the same time. Text Marketing is an immediate marketing tool that gets your message into the hands of the right audience once you set the SMS campaign. SatyamSri provides comprehensive and powerful SMS marketing services in India. The constant attention to detailing shines through in every area of our services.

SMS marketing works wonders for any business. Concise text messages allows you to instantly and efficiently spread the word to your best customers. Almost everybody has cell phones and other mobile devices these days, hence, your customer demographic can widen through bulk SMS marketing. Instead of focusing on just one marketing strategy that just focuses on a small group, an SMS campaign reaches everyone. This will definitely increase sales.

SMS Marketing Services:

SatyamSri, being one of the best SMS marketing company in India provides comprehensive SMS marketing services. We provide customised services that meet your business requirements, increasing your sales.

We draft engaging and effective text ads to attract relevant customers.
The customised text ads are broadcasted to your target audience in a bulk at once.
Drip text campaign is where we send a series of time-delayed text messages to your subscribers.
We provide complete analytics of how the text campaign is working for your business.

Benefits of SMS/ Text Marketing:

  • Build Loyal Customers: Text Marketing is one of the great channels to engage and build loyal customers.
  • Generate word of mouth: SMS not only engage your current customers but also get new businesses to your company.
  • Improve communication: Communication is the most important factor in building any long term relationship. SMS Campaigns can benefit building good customer relationships.
  • Quick and Effective: Text Marketing allows you to reach a large group of people, all at the same time.
  • Cost-Effective:SMS Campaign is an inexpensive method of communication when compared to traditional marketing.
  • Straight to the point:With limited characters allowed when sending a text message ensures that your message is explicit and concise.
  • Time management:‘Time is Money’, with Text Marketing you will save a lot of time, enabling you to focus on other areas of the business.